How do we see? Do we see with the eyes or do we see with the brain? What difference does it make? Does anyone care?

Before I can explain the difference, let’s first explore photography and color film processing .

Darkroom chemistry is the primary cause for good or bad photograph quality. (before digital photography was invented) The picture of the flowers show how the image changes depending on the chemistry. If the ph or temperature of the darkroom chemicals are wrong, this won’t make the flowers in real life change.  However the image of them will change accordingly. In short, good chemistry is VITAL for good picture quality.


The eyes are only a lens. Therefore the appearance of the image is affected by your positivThe eyes are a lens but the image is developed in the brain. Therefore, what we perceive is dependent on brain function. In other words, the chemistry of your visual cortex is similar to your television reception. The quality of the TV antenna or the connection of the cable has a lot to do with picture quality.



As similar to with film processing, brain chemistry determines what is seen. For example, a person that’s suffering from depression can’t see as many colors as normal. The colors will run together and look washed out. This visual interpretation compounds with the mental interpretation. As a result of this, things can become very distorted. A beautiful flower with vibrant colors can be interpreted to be only a plant that causes hay fever! This in turn alters the chemicals in our brain and distorts the images even further.

I know where you’re going with this. I’ve heard this positive thinking crap before. I don’t buy into this fantasy land stuff! People that are born into a sheltered life can use positive thinking. I don’t have a Brady Bunch family or was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. That’s why I’m better off to stay focus on the real world.

You don’t believe in positive thinking?

Definitely not! You people wear rose colored glasses. That wonderful stuff that you see isn’t real.

When you say rose colored glasses, are you referring to it as a metaphor?

That’s right! You have trained yourself to only see only the good in the world. YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES TO ALL OF THE BAD STUFF! YOU HAVE AN OSTRICH MENTALITY!

You mean that whatever we spend our time thinking about only clouds our vision? What we think about alters our perception?

How many more times do I have to say it? The rose colored lens that you decided to wear determines what you are able to see! Therefore you are blind to all the negative stuff!

Does this apply to everybody?

Of course it does! DUUUUUUUUHHHHH!

That means that it applies to you as well?

What do you mean? I don’t wear rose colored glasses.

No but what a person thinks about alters their perception. You said this yourself! It applies to all. If our positive thinking gives us rose colored glasses, then it’s equally true that your negative thinking gives you shit colored glasses. You have trained yourself to see ONLY the bad in the world. YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES TO ALL OF THE GOOD STUFF! YOU HAVE AN OSTRICH MENTALITY THAT’S EQUAL TO OURS! This mentality is just as true or just as false as the one that we have.





“I think, therefore I am”

René Descartes

“I ‘believe’ that life sucks, therefore it does”

Donald Christensen



I’d like to pause here to talk about another concept. I’ll get back the brain image processing and the filter that blocks out positive or negative things. However, for now I’d like to talk about stereograms.



A stereogram is a hidden picture within a picture. Only if you adjust your eyes to parallel viewing, you can you see the hidden picture inside. This takes practice. You have to override your natural reaction to want to aim both eyes at the target.



Look at the two black dots in the above pic. In order to see the hidden picture, relax your eyes until you see four of them. The snowman will materialize. Some people can find the hidden picture within seconds while others can try for 3 hours and still won’t see it.

The trick is to look to a further distance than what the picture actually is. For example, let’s say the picture is one foot away. Don’t focus your eyes to see something one foot away. Instead, look at this picture as though it were five feet away. This is tricky. It takes practice to ‘pretend’ that the object is further away. BTW I can see stereograms but only if they’re printed out. I have never been able to see them on a computer screen.


The above animation is hidden picture that materializes when you force your eyes to look further than the actual distance of the picture.

Imagine that you’re one of these people that can see the hidden picture within seconds. This wasn’t always the case. When you first started viewing stereograms, it sometimes took 30 minutes before you could see the hidden picture. However now that you’ve seen hundreds of them, the image ‘jumps out at you’ with ease. You’re so good that you see the image without any effort! In fact, it’s hard to comprehend why other people don’t see it!

snow 1


Person ‘A’ – How can you not see the snowman? You must be blind!
Person ‘B’  – There is no snowman there! You must be imagining it!



Person ‘A’ – How can you not see the flower? You must be blind! This is a metaphor for, “How can you not see the good things in the world?
Person ‘B’  – There are no good things in this world! You must be a hopeless optimist or living a sheltered life!



Person ‘B’  – How can you not see the turd? You must be blind! (How can you not see all the shit in this world? (You obviously live in lala land)

Person ‘A’ – You see a turd because you have been practicing for years on how to find turds. You’ve become so good at it that you see them without even trying. In fact, you don’t know that anything else even exists!

Let’s get back to our original concept. What you think about alters your perception. Not only do you ‘practice’ seeing either the flower or the turd, but what you see helps to determine your brain chemistry! This is the same as a depression sufferer that sees colors that run together and have that ‘washed out’ look.

Change your mind and you change your perception. Change your perception and you will change some things that life ‘hands you’. Change some of the things that life ‘hands’ you’, and it will be easier to change your mind. This self perpetuates. Focus on the good things and you can find yourself in an upward spiral. This is difficult to do because the positive things in this world are harder to find. However if you focus on social injustice, pain, the gap between the have and the have nots, or how so many people exploit others, you can find yourself in a downward spiral! You can become a person that sees shit so clearly, that you don’t even know anything else exists!

Are you saying that I should ignore social injustice?

Not at all. I’m just saying not to dwell on it. Sometimes one of the best ways of solving a problem is to not become part of the problem.

What you see is what you get.


“A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.”
― James Allen, As a Man Thinketh


OKOKOKOKOK! You sold me. I want to change my thinking. How do I do it?

There is a whole collage of information already out there.  Unfortunately it’s hard to pick through it.  This blog is my effort to amalgamate the most relevant parts.  I combine this with my infographic skills. I like to strengthen my text with analogies, hieroglyphics, and mental pictures. I explain visually in order to get my message across faster.

These pages are a good start on your quest of how to reduce the stress in your life.



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