The Game

The game of life.

The above title can bring up many different responses. You may believe it’s a game or not. Perhaps your view is that it’s it’s more about survival. Game or no game is not really the issue. Whatever it is, understanding some of the rules will make it easier. This blog is my attempt at explaining how life works. I talk about perception, interpretation, and how you see the world. I also talk about how parts of the brain can have a mind of its own and how controlling some thoughts can feel like herding cats!

I’ve read books like, The Power of Positive Thinking , 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, and several others as well. They all point to the same thing. Thought is powerful. Our belief is like a magnet. We have some amazing powers when we put our minds to it. I share in that belief.

These powers don’t enable you to leap tall buildings in a single bound, catch bullets in the air, fly like a bird, or get you to understand Javascript. However, they are pretty amazing. The trouble is, they work whether you want them to or not. They work whether you believe in them or not. They will help to bring:

Success in your life. (if that’s what you’re focusing on)
Failure in your life. (if that’s what you’re focusing on)
Friendlessness (if that’s what you’re focusing on)

You will get more ‘victim situations’ if you spend lots of your time telling yourself that, “I’m helpless. My situation is controlled by others.  Someone else is in control of whether I’m happy or not”.

They work equally as well for, how to succeed as they do for, how to turn your life into shit!alien-gift-url

The above clip is sorta true. We didn’t get the special powers from an alien. However, we don’t have the instruction manual either. The Greatest American Hero was a sitcom in the 70’s. (yes I know I’m old. I’ve even see a black and white TV) The storyline is similar to the cartoon clip above. The instruction book was lost. The super hero crashed into many buildings before he learned how the suit works. I too have learned by trial and error. (and am still learning) I don’t crash as often as I use to.

These powers work equally as well for how to succeed as they do for how to turn your life into shit!


Unfortunately, we’re much better at thinking about negative things. It’s not easy to be positive. We all know that. However some people don’t believe that they can choose to think positive. Not only that but they think that some very good event needs to happen to them before they would be able to start looking at ‘the half full glass’. Still others don’t believe that it’s worth the effort to try to focus on the positive. They give into negative thinking. Murphy’s law becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.


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